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New Moon Dates


1. March 14th

2. April 13th

3. May 12th *

4. June 11th

5. July 11th

6. August 9th

7. September 8th

8. October 7th

9. November 5th  

10. December 5th


11. January 3rd

12. February 2nd

13. March 3rd

1. April 2nd

* Represents dates where the New Moon may be subject to fall the day of or the next day.

** All dates are calculated by the Calendar Council and are finalized upon observation of the moon by our New Moon Spotters in the mouth of two or three witness. 

Feasts Dates 2021

Nicanor 13th Day of 12th Month

Begins: Wednesday Feb. 24th @ Even

Ends: Thursday Feb- 25th @ Even

Sabbaths: No Sabbath Days 

Purim 14th & 15th Day of 12th Month 

Begins: Thursday Feb 25th @ Even

Ends: Saturday Feb 27th @ Even

Sabbaths: No Sabbath Days 

Passover/ Unleavened Bread 15th day of the 1st month

Begins: Sunday March 28th @ Even

Ends: April 4th @ Even

Sabbaths: Sunday March 28th- Monday March 29th & Saturday April 3rd- Sunday April 4th 

Second Passover/ Unleavened Bread 15th day of the 2nd month

Begins: Tuesday April 27th @ Even 

Ends: Monday May 4th @ Even

Sabbaths: Tuesday April 27th - Wednesday April 28th & Monday May 3rd - Tuesday May 4th

Memorial of Simon 23 Day of 2nd month

Begins: Wednesday May 5th @ Even 

Ends: Thursday May 6th @ Even

Sabbaths: No Sabbath Days 

Pentecost 50th Day

Begins: Saturday May 29th @ Even 

Ends: Sunday May 30th @ Even

Sabbaths: May 29th  – May 30th @ Even 

Trumpets 1st Day of Seventh Month

Begins: Wednesday September 8th @ Even

Ends: Thursday September 9th @ Even

Sabbaths: Wednesday September 8th – Thursday September 9th @ Even

Atonement 10th day of 7th Month

Begins: Friday September 17th @ Even

Ends: Saturday September 18th @ Even

Sabbaths: Friday September 17th to Saturday September 18th @ Even

Tabernacles 15th Day of 7th Month

Begins: Wednesday September 22nd @ Even

Ends: Thursday September 30th @ Even

Sabbaths: Wednesday September 22nd – Thursday September 23rd @ Even & Wednesday September 29th - Thursday September 30th @ Even

Dedication 25th Day of the 9th Month 

Begins: Monday November 29th @ Even

Ends:  Tuesday December 7th @ Even

Sabbaths: Monday November 29th – Tuesday November 30th @ Even & Monday December 6th – Tuesday December 7th

Feasts Dates 2022

Nicanor 13th Day of 12th Month

Begins: Monday February 14th @ Even

Ends:  Tuesday February 15th @ Even

Sabbaths: No Sabbath Days

Purim 14th & 15th Day of 12th Month 

Begins: Tuesday February 15th @ Even

Ends: Thursday February 17th @ Even

Sabbaths: No Sabbath Days 

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